About the experience

What does "all hands-on" mean?

All parts and materials will be provided, but you will be the one making every step, by hand. Marcell will be there to demonstrate and instruct, but ultimately, you will make your shoes. This ensures you'll be able to put your knowledge to practice at home. 

Just how "intensive" can it get?

We're talking about learning an entirely new skill set in a matter of days. We get it, you're just starting out. However, you're entrusting us to teach you the genuine, authentic way of shoe making, in the spirit of Old-World tradition, therefore every step we do, we strive for perfection. 

Do I have to buy tools in advance?

No, we provide a basic toolkit with the most essential tools needed throughout the course. The toolkit and single pieces of tools are available for purchase after finishing the course if desired.

About the price

What does the price include?

The price covers all the parts and materials needed, use of hand tools, corresponding DVDs - in some cases, special limited edition DVDs will be first available for course participants -, and student discount when purchasing additional materials. 

What is not included?

Personal expenses, such as lodging, transportation costs, food, etc. 

About the shoes

I have a specific design in mind that Iā€™d like to make. How can I make it happen?

Since the courses focus on the construction and the handmade techniques, therefore the shoe uppers are already made (the same style and size for everybody) and ready to be lasted. We cannot accommodate special request for our regular courses at the moment. If you have unique needs, please contact us to see if we can work out a tailored curriculum for you. 

If I request a special size, how can we make sure they'll fit me? Is there a refund if they don't?

Shoe sizes are not last sizes. We work with the latter. In addition, depending on the style, the manufacturer etc., lasts of the same size can vary greatly. The process of making a pair of well fitting shoes is long and meticulous that exceeds the time frame of the course. Therefore unfortunately, we cannot make any promises regarding individual fitting needs. 

Do I keep the shoes?

Yes and be prepare for the "oohs" and "aahs" from your friends and family!