Upper Making Online Course

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Upper Making Online Course


6+ hour lessons and get a chance to learn the vocabulary of the footwear upper making, seam types, edge finishes, different machines, tools, materials, different kind of tapes, understanding footwear patterns and of course you can also follow making footwear upper - using the knowledge you gained.

This course will help you to be more confident to make your own uppers, achieve better quality products.
At the end of each course there will be a chance to send your questions and we will answer them in a Q&A session, with demonstration - which will also be posted.
After registration you receive an email from us. When the course starts in October, you receive your personal Vimeo link, where you can watch and download all the episodes and the Q&A sessions as well.

You will receive with this course:

  • approx. 6 hours. online or DVD* tutorials

  • A coupon for a free Pattern Ruler

  • a coupon to get written tutorials

  • a discount coupon for an upper making toolkit

  • Downloadable patters and practice patterns

    *for a physical DVD set extra charges apply

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